the gradual climb

gradual climb

Normally, once I decide to post or upload a photo online, I stress over what title to give it. Even after all that unnecessary fretting, the end result never quite satisfies me entirely. I suppose that’s the curse of being a perfectionist. But this time, I’m going with the original title, the first one that came to mind when I deemed this photo acceptable of human acknowledgement. I know it’s not perfect, but it seems fitting, especially after a tiny realization I made today (or perhaps it was merely a recollection and not a full-blown epiphany, as I’m certain it’s not a new idea for me). Everything in life is a gradual climb. Every day we are fortunate enough to see has us moving forward toward…something. Whatever it is, it’s a matter of getting to some point…even if that point is here. By that I mean, to connect with the present, to always be aware of what surrounds us at any given moment. To know that right now is all that truly exists. The past is just a memory and the future is just speculation, a downright illusion. The truth can only be found in this present moment, and such a search is a mighty daunting feat to undertake–yet, very much worth it, I believe.
I really should just stop now, before things get too serious. I feel the need to crack a joke or something, for the sake of comic relief. Unfortunately, I’m only funny when I’m not trying to be… Go figure. Anyway, “in conclusion” (because I feel like I’ve just written the type of speech a middle school valedictorian would read on graduation day), live it up. But do so wisely. Best wishes to you all.


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