iced is nice…d (well, it almost rhymed)

I take a look back from time to time, back into what few memories I have collected and held onto throughout my life. Most recently, I’ve been reflecting on my diet. The me two or three years ago was nothing like the current me (and I’m sure the “future” me will differ greatly from this me). Actually, the “old” me wouldn’t be able to stand the “new” me.

“You limit your sugar intake? What the…? Geez, what happened to you? You used to be cool.”

Interestingly enough, the new me would probably refrain from passing judgement on the old me, something that would more than likely confuse the latter. Before I become completely lost in my self-indulgent rant, I want to tie in this photo to my description. What I was trying to get at is this: No matter what changes I’ve made to my diet, no matter how many foods I’ve managed to entirely eliminate, there is one thing that won’t quite go away. Care to take a guess?
Yes. Coffee. Dear, sweet coffee. Sure, I may sweeten it differently than I used to, and sometimes even drink it black–certainly not my preferred method, mind you!–but it’s become a staple in my life. A daily companion I can rely on…and a crutch whose absence causes uneasiness. Not the healthiest of relationships, I know. Yet, it works… sort of. But who’s to say I won’t one day have to go without? Or perhaps that I won’t just decide to let go on my own? For now, I’ll enjoy my tasty cup… or two, or three (yikes). Cheers to you all, caffeine addicts and non-partakers alike!


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