prep work

prep work

Well… Let’s see. What to talk about…

I’m going to be honest, I haven’t really any thoughts to share right now. I’d simply be “talking” for the sake of talking… And I do enough of that already.

Oh, okay, here’s something (and it’s relevant to the photo): When I was a kid, I always thought vegetables were optional, almost like a side order you could opt out of–and opt out I did! No joke, I probably went years at a time without touching any green stuff. My salads contained absolutely no lettuce or spinach, nor any other type of vegetable. I would usually include tomatoes in there, but that’s as healthy as it got for me. At least half of my diet consisted of fast food, and the other half… anything that caught my eye at the grocery store (cookies, spray cheese, sugary cereal–you name it). My parents spent a great deal of time and energy indulging my every whim, not realizing it was doing me more harm than good. And I certainly don’t blame them for trying to be what they believed were good parents. As far as I’m concerned, they were (and still are) the best parents in the world. Regardless of whether they inadvertently spoiled me as a child or not, I know they meant well, and that’s what truly counts.
And you know what’s funny? Now that I’m older and know just a teeny bit better (when it comes to nutrition, anyway), I’m constantly on them about their diet. Actually, I downright badger them. Hmm… Come to think of it, maybe I should back off just a little bit. 😉

Whoops. So much for keeping it brief, huh? Sorry about that. Okay, next time, I’ll keep it brief… probably.


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