Normally, I’m really chatty (especially in written form). But for once, I’m actually too tired to ramble. Just one of those days when the mind feels physically drain…if that’s even possible.
I will mention this, though. This here was taken using a film camera. I’m not sure if anyone can tell, or if anyone even cares, I’m just curious whether other people like the “film” look, too. I adore it. I even edit my digital shots to look more like this. Why? I haven’t quite figured out the cause of my obsession with analog photography. Could it be the tones? The grain? The soft focus? Someone else might look at these very same characteristics and see flaws. And maybe that person wouldn’t be too far off… I mean, modern DSLRs are made to eliminate as much grain as possible, to get the white balance just right, and to do many other amazing things that make film cameras obsolete. But for some reason, film still has its loyal following… Why? For me, well, I don’t even think I could give a rational answer. I just do. It’s divine. The results are so perfect. So very, very perfect in their imperfections…
And now I’ve gone on long enough.


6 thoughts on “earthborn

  1. It is a beautiful shot 🙂 I don’t know enough about photography to offer any real ideas about using film over digital, but your poetic explanation is enough for me! I use digital now but miss film. I miss the process (you have to be so much more careful – digital encourages laziness) and think that this produces a result that is much more meaningful. Divine, as you say 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 And I have to agree with you about how the ease of digital photography can sometimes work against you. When I first decided to take up photography as a serious hobby, I bought myself a fancy digital camera that I didn’t even bother to learn how to use properly. I only ever shot using the automatic setting, so the camera was doing most of the work for me. I wasted so much valuable time and missed many a good photo opportunity because I was too lazy to even read the manual.

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