empty spaces

empty spaces

I find it amusing how our perspectives shift as we age, how something can remain (relatively) the same yet seem entirely different once revisited at a later stage in our lives. Take for instance, this location. As a child, this downtown district was just a bunch of old buildings where merchants would sell goods that had little to no appeal to me. A trip downtown with the adults seemed like nothing more than torture–a few sweaty hours spent alternating between walking on hot pavement and going in and out of tiny, stuffy shops until it felt like my knees were going to give out. Yes, there were a few stores that specialized in selling toys, but all the good stuff was at the mall. All the flashy electronics I wanted were in an indoor shopping center–with central air–miles away! It took me years to finally appreciate what this place had to offer, and I’m not talking about the affordable merchandise. Many of these “old” buildings are historic, and while the young me wouldn’t be impressed with that fact, the me now squeals with delight at the idea that stone and brick can tell a story and give insight into a particular era I never had the pleasure of witnessing with my own eyes.
So yes, now I’ll take a stroll downtown voluntarily, and I’ll gladly brave the sun’s relentless, unforgiving heat just to get the “perfect shot.” How’s that for a shift in perspective? As for the mall? I’m actually no longer a fan. No amount of toys or air conditioning can turn me back into the mall rat I was many years ago.


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