one in a bunch

one in a bunch (ideal)

Seems like it’s been ages–how long is an “age” anyway?–since I last posted anything. Well, I can’t say I’ve got anything interesting to talk about. Um… How’s the weather? How about them [insert name of relevant sports team here]?
No, seriously. I’m quite boring. I barely watch television or movies, and the last time I read a book from start to finish was… Actually, I’m too embarrassed to answer that. Geez, how is it that other people make their life sound so exciting? I can somehow be captivated by someone’s tale about their cat coughing up a hairball that looks just like some politician, and yet I can’t seem to write anything that can keep even my interest for too long. Speaking of which, I suppose this is a good place to stop. If you’ve managed to make it this far into my pointless post, I thank you. Also, I hope everything is well. And even if you’re just here to look at the pretty picture above, then that’s swell too. 🙂


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