Dog walks

dog walks(1)- greener

Nothing like a nice stroll around the neighborhood on a bright spring day, eh? Just a guy and his dog going on a walk, taking in all the lush scenery. A beautiful moment full of color and warmth.
You’d probably never guess by looking at this picture that the temperature was somewhere in the high 90s, that I was uncomfortably sweaty and that the sun was stinging my skin, would you? That’s what I love about photography. What you see, what you feel, is up to you. It doesn’t matter if I had to lie on my stomach to get a certain angle, or how many mosquitoes I may have had to swat away, the interpretation of the scene depends on the viewer. For a moment, as you stare at a scene that truly captivates you, everything else ceases to matter. You begin narrating the story you see before you, sometimes based solely on the mood you feel the image is emitting. That cup of coffee, that cat napping by the window… something so mundane can become so inexplicably interesting. You can’t help but get lost for just a little bit. Well, at least that’s what happens to me… And I’ve been called strange many times throughout my life. Still, I think something similar happens to many of us. We just have different tastes, different passions. But we all have something that moves us–sometimes to the point of tears (in my case, certain pieces of music). And isn’t that just lovely? Doesn’t it just make you feel so alive? What could be more human than this vulnerability, this ability to be awed and humbled by another person’s honest expression? To see, to feel, to experience something you cannot explain but somehow vaguely (or fully) understand.
Alright, I’m getting much too abstract here. Before I completely lose you all, I’m stopping here. Hope everyone had a fun and, if relevant, happy 4th of July.


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